Golf It Forward Gray Magnetic Towel | Industrial Magnet | Microfiber Waffle Pocket Style | Stick to Clubs Or Cart | Give Back to Youth Golf On Each Sale

Price: £98.17
(as of Nov 14,2020 20:34:53 UTC – Details)

Maximize Spin And Make More Putts
Nothing is more important than your score. Make sure your irons are spotless so your shots check up close to the hole and your golf ball is clean so you can drain that fifteen foot birdie putt.
Stop Losing Your Towel
There is nothing more annoying than losing your golf towel and having to walk or drive back to the last hole to find it. Never lose your golf towel again using the super strong magnet to stick it to your clubs or cart. Ditch the towel with that cheap clip, strap or other holder. You won’t regret it!
Save Your Back
Men and women golfers alike can save their sore backs with the unique magnet towel design that allows you to pick up your towel off the green or fairway by just waiving your club over the magnet. Boom! Cleaner clubs and a no sore back so you can beat your buddies on the golf course!
Great Golf Gift
Brush off all the other goofy golf gifts and get something that your golfer will actually use. Besides your clubs, balls and tees, a towel is the most used tool on the course. This is truly one of the best men’s and women’s or kid’s golf accessories gifts you can give. Ladies, get one for your man or better yet for yourself! One the best golf gifts under $20!
Bonus Use
Tired of your kitchen towels falling off the handle of your stove, fridge or cabinet? By an extra one of these and stick it to your fridge or stove. Problem solved!

Soft Deep Waffle Pattern – Gets deep into your grooves and cleans your golf balls with less effort to make sure you are maximizing spin on all your shots! Great for bringing on to the green to clean your dirty golf ball before putting. Toss that metal brush, it ruins your grooves!
Perfect Size – Not too big, not too small at 15.75″ x 19.5″ Works great if you are carrying your golf bag, pushing it in a push cart or riding on a golf cart. One of many golf accessories you can’t live without, never in the way but always there when you need it!
Removable Magnet – Simply unsnap the magnet and put your towel in the washer and dryer and it will be ready for cleaning your clubs again. Once you have played with this magnetic towel, you won’t want to go golfing again with out it!
Give Back To Youth Golf – We believe in growing the game of golf and for each sale we give 10% back to youth golf programs to give more kids opportunities to play

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