Nice Lie Winter Golf Mat

Price: £9.99
(as of Nov 15,2020 15:57:40 UTC – Details)

Hate Playing off unrealistic carpet style or poor quality winter mats ? Then look no further. Nice Lie Winter Golf Mats are made from premium quality artificial turf, and provide the optimum ball-to-club face height, replicating a summer fairway lie on every shot. Before use, brush pile with hand in opposite from transit (flattened) position and leave in direct light. Simply: 1) secure the supplied anchor tee using the Nice-Loc retaining system.The anchor tee is now permanently fixed 2) Clip to your bag or cart & You are now ready for a new winter golf shot experience. Simply push anchor tee into the fairway at a slight forward angle towards the target line. You now have a stable platform and perfect lie to play any shot required.Durable and great for you and your golf club. Nice Lie mats come complete with a permanent markable Name/Club ID tag.This mat is a premium quality item. You will not be disappointed with this product. Nice Lie Mats “Winter Golf just got better”

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