How to Make More Three Foot Putts

Today I want to give you three simple tips to help you make more 3-footers those critical putts when you are close to the hole and know that you are expected to make it so you get a little nervous and hope someone gives it to you.

Aiming Your Putt

The first thing to do is line up your ball properly. Use a printed or drawn straight line on your ball to help you aim. Most golf balls come with lines already on them or you can use a sharpie. the important thing is to take the line and aim it along the path where you would like the ball to start. We all want it to end up in the cup but even on shorter putts it doesn’t always need to start aimed directly at the cup. Then you align the line printed on the top of the putter with the line on the ball. That’s how you know that you are aimed properly.

Hold Your Finish

Often when golfers have these shorted putts they jab at it and they don’t hold their finish. So try taking your stroke and holding your finish. Do it first in your practice putting swing and the actual putt. Remember, after your stroke, hold your finish.

Hear the Ball

The last thing I want you to do is listen for the sound of the ball falling into the cup without peeking. This keeps your head still.

If you can do these three things, line up your putt, hold your finish, and hear the ball go in the hole, you will make many more three-foot putts and your score is going to get lower. Good luck! I know you can do this.

Kathy Hart Wood is ranked as one of LPGA Teaching and Club Professional’s Top 50 LPGA Teachers. She is the creator of The Groove, a golf instruction membership site that offers a resource for golfers learning and improving in the game. Kathy is also a Confidence Coach who helps players overcome the mental obstacles that interfere with performance. She offers coaching in group workshops and individual formats. 

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