How You Should Warm Up for Golf

A proper warm up for golf will help loosen stiff muscles and joints, making it easier to swing the golf club more effectively and efficiently. It is the bridge between sitting all day at a desk or in the car, and the golf course where you are in motion much more frequently. It is a transition most effective when performed gradually and mindfully.

I recommend that every workout session (and every round of golf you play) starts with this warm-up routine.

What many golfers think of warming up is a few casual stretches before heading to the practice range or first tee. However, warming up is more critically important than that, and literally is (or should be) a mindful process.

The purpose of a proper warm up is to increase muscle temperature, which increases blood flow to bring needed oxygen to activate muscles and joints.

Although static stretching is recommended before any physical activity, it is only one component in the process of warming up, a process that should be completed even before a few practice drives or putts.

Before a proper warm- up, your body is not ready to hit full shots, and putting on the practice green is not active enough to increase muscle temperature.

There are two types of warm-ups: active and golf specific.

Active warm-up

Active warm-ups can be general or golf specific. You should incorporate an active warm-up before you stretch specifically for golf. A general warm-up incorporates large muscles of the upper and lower body and requires you to move at a brisk pace for 5 to 10 minutes to elevate your heart rate.

For younger players, the ideal is to break a sweat; for older golfers, it’s to become slightly winded.

Recommended activities include walking, jogging, jumping jacks, jump rope or anything that will increase your heart rate.

Golf Specific Warm Up

After completing a general warm-up, you are then ready to proceed to the golf specific warm-up phase. This is also known as movement rehearsal. You are literally duplicating or rehearsing the moves used in the golf swing. Research has revealed that if you warm up specifically for the movement you will be performing, you will be much more effective than others doing the same activity but who only do general stretches.

The great thing about this routine is that it will warm you. up, it is specific for golf, and if you did it every day you could increase your flexibility. It starts by warming up the lower body; then moves into the core, which includes back, abs and chest; and finishes with loosening your shoulders, arms, wrists, and hands

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