Hybrids – What’s in My Bag

Cathy Kim here with another edition of what’s in my bag. This one is all about hybrids. In my bag I carry two hybrids, a four and a three hybrid. The reason I like to carry two of them are because they replace my longer irons and they’re flexible – I get the distance of a wood as well as the versatility of an iron hence the name hybrid because they are designed to take the place of both of them.

The great thing about hybrids is that you can hit it on the fairway but you can also hit it out on the rough because it doesn’t have the bulkiness of a fairway wood but it does have the distance.

So I’m going to go ahead and grab one of my hybrids and I have two shots to show you. A shot out of the rough and then a fairway shot. The setup is going to be with the ball slightly on the middle front side of your stance and we’re going to feel like we are basically hitting an iron not a wood by hitting down aggressively. Now I’m going to test the hybrid out on the fairway here doing the same thing.

When you guys are in the market to get hybrids what I suggest is that you test them out to find the right lofts that match the rest of your irons and woods so that you have all the distances equally gapped in terms of lofts and yardages.

Good luck with these versatile clubs.

Cathy Kim is a PGA member and teaching professional at 1757 Golf Club in Dulles, VA. 

Cathy specializes in golf instruction for all ages and skill levels. Cathy’s philosophy is quite simple: to help every golfer to understand why their golf swing looks the way it does and how to improve it to become the best golfer they can be.

She is currently offering classes for all ages and skill levels at her facility. You can see the list of classes at 1757golfclub.com/academy

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