Use a Pool Noodle to Get Your Swing Path Right

Often times I hear golfers talk about their over-the-top swing path for their downswing (watch my video below to see what I mean by over-the-top).

When I ask ‘where do you typically hit the ball?’  they say ‘the ball can go anywhere!’ This leads me to believe it might be an over-the-top move that’s happening and we definitely want to get that out of your swing. A good way to do that is to go the dollar store and buy a pool noodle.

I use a broken club shaft to stick the noodle in a position where I do not want to swing the club. It’s a fantastic visual of what to avoid in the golf swing and having that noodle there reminds me not to swing in that direction.

Set the noodle up on a stick or broken shaft in a position where if you make an “over the top” forward swing, your club will hit the noodle.

The goal of this drill is to NOT hit the noodle. Swing towards the target or away from the noodle in your forward swing.

Many golfers aim to hit the golf ball as if the ball is the target, it’s not! The target is where you want the ball to go, so swing the club in that direction.

Get yourself a noodle and bring it to the practice range. It will help your golf swing become much more consistent resulting in lower scores!

Remember, be positive, live positive, golf positive


Debbie is an award-winning Class A LPGA Professional, and the founder of Golf-Positive.
Debbie teaches private and group lessons and is also the
co-site director of the Greater Newark LPGA USGA Girls Golf Program.
As a seasoned media professional, Debbie is the best selling author of “Golf Positive! Live Positive!” and appears regularly on the Golf Channel.
Her positive energy and enthusiasm made her an easy choice to be the lead LPGA Professional for the LPGA Leadership Academy, whose mission is to empower teenage girls and teach them leadership skills and strategies through the game
Before establishing Golf Positive, Debbie spent over 20 years as a club professional and has received many accolades, including:
• LPGA Top 50 Best Teachers presented by Women’s Golf Journal (2017)
• LPGA Northeast Section “Teacher of the Year” (2016)
• LPGA’s prestigious Nancy Lopez Golf Achievement Award (inaugural 2007 award)
• LPGA’s National and Southeast Section “Professional of the Year” (2002)
• LPGA’s 50 Best teachers
• Golf Digest’s “50 Best Women Teachers in America”

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