Brittany Lincicome Right At Home Competing In Pinellas County | LPGA

Eight-time LPGA champion Brittany Lincicome lives and breathes Florida. Literally.

Born and raised in Pinellas County, she feels right at home this week for the inaugural Pelican Women’s Championship presented by DEX Imaging and Konica Minolta. A couple years ago, Lincicome purchased a home that overlooks Boca Ciega Bay with her husband, Dewald Gouws. In July of 2019, they welcomed their first child, Emery. Lincicome is here to stay, to state the obvious.

“It is definitely a little bit more of a juggling act, but my mom and dad live 20 minutes down the road, so they have been a huge help watching her if I want to go practice,” said Lincicome. “Yesterday, I practiced and Emery came to the course with me. She was helping me as I hit balls and then hit some putts.

“When she watches on TV now, she starts clapping. It’s really cool to see her brain working to process everything, trying to associate that mommy plays golf. She’s great and will go 18 holes, not make a peep the whole time. Maybe a few cat naps out there. She’ll probably be out for the Pro-Am then a couple of days over the weekend hopefully.”

While Lincicome has started to create new memories with her little one in tow, she has many memories from her own childhood. This is the area where she learned the game of golf and where she got her first taste of professional, competitive golf. Growing up in the region, Lincicome was a standard bearer at the old JC Penney Classic mixed Tour event for several years. “I always picked John Daly and Laura Davies because I loved to see them hit the ball as far as possible,” said Lincicome.

She also remembers the first course she consistently played at, Bardmoor Golf and Tennis Club. “I picked up the game naturally and quickly. It progressed to a few junior tournaments then I went outside the state, kept it going and here we are today.” What a ride it has been.

In her 16th year on Tour, Lincicome still has that competitive spirit, but also makes it a point to give back to the game that has made her into who she is today. That led to the creation of the annual Brittany & Friends Celebrity Pro-Am, which has raised more than $1 million across 11 years. It also led to a growing involvement with The First Tee of St. Petersburg, where all the proceeds of her charity efforts go toward and in which she is a member on the Board of Directors.

“Golf is expensive and originally, we just wanted to get more kids involved with the game of golf,” said Lincicome. “We have grown and now have scholarship programs. Golf teaches so many life lessons and wonderful things, how to be respectful and accountable. Ever dollar goes back to the kids.

“I can sit here and know firsthand that we’re really changing lives. It’s a special thing. Seeing a kid on the driving range or hitting a ball for the first time, just how excited they get when they do something good, there is nothing better.”

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