Best Golf Belts 2020 – Check out the buckles on these!

A premium golf brand, Galvin Green has created a premium leather golf belt here with  micro-adjustable length and a metal buckle with a carbon design inlay.

J. Lindeberg Bubba Belt

We love the look of this belt. The braided belt is woven with a range of colours and the leather detailing and embossed logo artwork adds a touch of premium feel to it as well.

UK Buy Now at Scottsdale Golf for £55

FootJoy Braided Belt

This highly fashionable belt, which is available in five colours, will not only make you look the part but it is also made to last. It has a nice stretch fit for comfort whilst the leather tipping and chrome buckle add a touch of class to proceedings.

UK Buy Now at Golf Support for £32.97

Nike Perforated Reversible Belt

A belt often worn by Tour professionals, this reversible model offers two looks along with a breathable leather design to allow air to move through the belt, wicking moisture away for those hot days on the course.

US Buy Now at Nike for $48.97

Cuater Pueblo Belt

Stretchy and comfortable with subtle style, the Pueblo belt from Cuater is crafted from stretch woven materials for a braided look and a perfect fit. There are three cool colours available.

US Buy Now at Worldwide Golf Shops for $37.95 

Inesis Stretchy Belt

Excellent value is on offer here as per usual with Inesis products. It comes in several colours and the stretchy fabric means you can tailor it to make sure you get a comfortable fit.

UK Buy Now at Decathlon for £7.99

Glenmuir Zack Belt

Two belts in one, with a black and a brown look, this golf belt is made from quality 100% leather and provides obvious versatility. The lightness of the belt was also noticeable.

Callaway Signature Chevron Belt

Best Golf Belts 2020

This Callaway Signature Belt is high in the list for class and great design. The large chevron buckle is a key stand out of this product and really shows off the quality of the manufacturing.

UK Buy Now at Golf Gear Direct for £32.99

Galvin Green Warren Belt

This excellent quality belt is made from a strong nylon webbing strap, complimenting a range of outfits. It also features a cut-out metal buckle with the Galvin Green logo, and we particularly like how easy it is to adjust to a range of sizes.

UK Buy Now at Golf Gear Direct for £34.95

Mizuno Mesh Golf Belt

Best Golf Belts 2020

Designed to be durable whilst providing excellent comfort, this mesh belt from Mizuno is an awesome alternative if you don’t want to wear a leather belt.

UK Buy Now at Golf Support from £34.99

Oakley Signature Ellipse Golf Belt

Best Golf Belts 2020

A very sleek looking belt from Oakley, this premium offering, worn by its staff players, features a 100% leather strap and is fitted with a solid metal buckle for extra durability.

UK Buy Now at Oakley for £22.50

Under Armour Webbing 2.0 Golf Belt

Best Golf Belts 2020

Offers a classic look and features a reversible strap with a steel embossed buckle. One size fits all and adjustable up to 42 inches.

US Buy Now at Amazon for $20

UK Buy Now at Under Armour for £15

J. Lindeberg Slater Belt

Best Golf Belts 2020

A classic belt with the famous JL design on the buckle, the Slater brushed leather belt from J.Lindeberg is a wardrobe staple.

UK Buy Now at Scottsdale Golf for £65

BOSS Tomas Reversible Belt

Best Golf Belts 2020

Made from cow skin leather, this belt is reversible and has a classic design with modern details like the branded line that features on it.

To check out more of the latest golf gear on offer, go to the gear section of the Golf Monthly website.

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