Dodger Stadium food: Garlic fries and Micheladas recipes

Seeing the Dodgers back on the field makes me wish I was in the stands. I’m craving Dodger dogs, nachos, garlic fries and a 24-ounce Michelada to wash it all down. I want to walk up and up the stairs to my nosebleed seats and do a full circle around the stadium because I somehow always start at the wrong entrance.

Instead, I’ll watch the games on TV and try to capture some semblance of being at the ballpark. These two recipes help me do just that.

Sizzling garlic to toss with hot fries will make your home smell like the concourse and sipping a spicy Michelada from a sweaty cup will make you feel like you’re in the stands. Steam some Dodger dogs while you’re at it and zap jarred nacho cheese in the microwave to stream like lava over chips. (Don’t forget the pickled jalapeños!) If you want to really capture the experience, balance it all on your lap while cheering, “Let’s go Dodgers!”

20 minutes

Serves 4 to 6

5 minutes

Makes 1 to 2 drinks

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