NFL and players appear close to agreement on 2020 season

The end is near.

And for the NFL, that’s a good thing.

The league and its players union appear close to an agreement to move forward with the 2020 season, having worked out their differences about how to handle the financial difficulties amid the disruption of a pandemic.

The NFL Players Assn. released a statement Friday afternoon saying its executive committee agrees with proposed changes to the collective bargaining agreement.

“The NFLPA Executive Committee voted unanimously to recommend the proposed changes to the CBA,” the statement reads.

The 32 player representatives still need to vote on the deal, which spreads the anticipated financial impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the NFL over multiple years, as opposed to having it all absorbed in the 2021 season. The latter would have drastically reduced next year’s salary cap.

Full teams are expected to report as early as Tuesday for the start of training camps.

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