Junior golfer holes million-to-one albatross – and it’s to win National Club Golfer

When Armand Ouellette left himself a short eagle putt on the final hole of a prestigious junior tournament, he thought it would be enough to win it

Imagine being tied with your playing partner on the 18th tee, holing an eagle putt, and already knowing it wasn’t enough to win the tournament.

That’s exactly what happened to Armand Ouellette at the Maine State Golf Association Junior Championship.

Ouellette had already left himself the makeble eagle putt on the 495-yard par-5 finisher at Gorham Country Club when opponent Caleb Manuel stepped up to his ball.

According to the Portland Press Herald, Manuel hit a 6-iron from 193 yards that “came out high and true with an intended right-to-left draw, bounced once to get on the green and then rolled like a putt for 10 feet straight into the hole”.

Manuel finished the tournament at 9-under, one ahead of Ouellette, who did make a three to finish at 8-under.

“What Caleb did was incredible,” Ouellette said. “That was the greatest shot I’ve seen, especially under those circumstances.”

Manuel, 18, who carded a 59 at nearby Brunswick Golf Club in May, added: “That was probably the biggest rush I’ve had playing golf and probably the biggest rush I’ll ever have until I maybe do something bigger in future years.

“An albatross to win by one? That’s something you don’t see every day.”

Or, indeed, ever. The odds of making an albatross, according to the USGA, are a million-to-one.

Oh, and thanks for not calling it a “double eagle”.

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